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How To Convert Blogging Traffic And Make Money
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How To Convert Blogging TrafficBlogging has been widely used as one of the best means of directing web traffic to your website for the purpose of generating leads, specially when you use the tips and tricks of attracting the attention of potential customers to visit your site. The next challenge is as important it is how to make your visitors sign up and become leads and eventually your customer.

Conversion results in blogging vary on a case to case basis. But there are certain ways or techniques you can apply to blogging in order for you to maximize the degree of probability that the visitors coming to your site will sign up as your customers.

10 blogging tips to increase visitor conversions

1. Use catchy phrases to draw attention – Get noticed. Make interesting facts in the body of your blog to stand out. Truth is that people wouldn’t go reading past the title of your blog if it doesn’t pick their interest. When you write your title, you should keep into considerations two factors:

  • Your target audience and
  • The search engines.

The heading must be exciting, think of some of the best selling magazines. Celebrity, cooking, cars, fitness etc. Pick any issue and learn how to create exciting heading that grab attention.

2. Write something useful for your target audience – Blogging as a means of generating traffic is very effective if it is being used to solve problem for a specific type of readers, your target audience. It is a prerequisite that you already knew your audience before opting for this kind of lead generating technique. Brainstorm top 10 things about your audience that you know, they possible likes, interests, issues etc. Know you audience, give your readers real value, something they will appreciate.

3. Create and Opt-in page in your site – Opt-in page is just an online form where visitors can type their names, email addresses and contact numbers. This is a must to generate leads. It iseffective especially when your blog offers something of value for the readers and it has to be FREE. People do not mind signing up when they are offered something valuable they can use – it is otherwise known as the ‘ethical bribe’.

How To Convert Blogging Traffic4. Position yourself as an expert – One of the key benefits of blogging is establishing yourself as an expert. Nothing draws people easier than people who are master of their won field. It has some magnetic properties.If people perceive you as an expert in the field, they want to be around you, they want to sign up for your mailing list, follow you on social media to see what you say etc. Think about it, we all already do that. I follow Tonny Robbins, Richard Branson etc. You can create your own following. It is called attraction marketing.

5. Offers solutions to their problems or issues – Why do you think is the reason why you are reading this article? Because you have problems or issues in mind that you want resolved or answered. The same is with those who browse other blogs. If you help them solve their problems they will follow you and be on your mailing lists.

6. Minimize Ads In Sidebar – If you stuff your sidebard with too many ads, there is a high chance your bounce rate will be high. It becomes less attractive when it is cluttered with too many ads. A few large 250×250 or small 125×125 ads are enough. Try and test which ads convert for you best and just delete the ones that don’t work. Remember what you can measure you can improve. Fortunately on the internet you can use split testing to see exactly what works best.

7. Create a Tools Page – AS mentioned, one of the major purpose of creating a blog is to position yourself as a leader. People who follow you would want to know what tools that you are using that bring success for you in blogging. Creating a page with the tools you use works amazingly well. It can be tools like hosting services, domain registrants, autoresponder and so on. These will be your affiliate links. But the secret is, it’s not a pitching page. It’s a resource page, place real tools that you actually use.

8. Pop-ups! – Okay, pop-ups can be annoying unless you offer an irresistible opt-in bait, you won’t get many conversions on your pop-up. We get a conversion rate of around 2-6% on our pop-up and another. Pop ups are very effective in generating leads.

9. Instruct your readers – Use Call To Action (CTA) in every blog you create. Once your reader gets interested with your ideas, you can easily convince them on what to do next. If you won’t tell what your reader will have to do next, you are giving them a chance to decide what to do which may not be in line with what you expected them to do. For example: “pls click like button”, “share the content”, “leave comments” etc

How To Convert Blogging Traffic10. Be unique – Bear in mind that there are probably thousands of articles that have been written on the topic you are writing on. Scourging the internet for ideas on the topic you have in mind is disastrous. Those articles must already been read by your target audience and using similar idea on your blog wont draw any interest at all. Blogging is an excellent way to attract potential leads from around the world.. So be creative!

Blogging is getting more and more popular now. People are coming to realise the importance of generating leads and increasing your database because it is actually the number one asset in any business. Without a database or a customer list, obviously there won’t be any business. Have you thought about making money while blogging? Have a look at this, you might be interested – share the content and leave some comments.

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