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What’s The Big Hype About Magnetic Sponsoring?
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Multi-Level Marketing, how its application evolved through the years

In the traditional marketing mentality, the question you used to ask was this: How can I enlist more recruits to my down line?

You answered this question by burning the phone lines trying to call as many people as you can every single day.

Nothing in the history of marketing has a practice single-handedly put the system in the most vilified category as cold calling.

Magnetic Sponsoring
Magnetic Sponsoring: Click on the image for more info

Especially at the beginning, when you do not understand the sorting nature of the business. You chased people around hoping that they will give in and sign up just to get rid of you. You approached your friends and members of your own family and used your relationship as leverage to convince them to sign up as members of your down line.

In other words, many people who sign up as members of your team but afterwards, do not care about your business anymore as they were not really looking. In some cases they eventually become just names under
your team without generating any income at all.

You can earn good money using this method, all right, but at the expense of tensed hard sales pitch, physical health deterioration and strained relations if you do it wrongly.

Same direction, new path

New age “enlightened” MLM gurus have acknowledged that MLM is more than just dumping products or services down the lines and expect income to find its way up.

Of course, generating great income is still the main purpose why MLM programs exist. That is the direction everybody who are involved in MLM are headed. As a matter of fact, earning money is the main reason why we even work at all if you want to admit it or not. Now, how, where and with whom you will spend the money you earned or the reason why you want to earn money is as varied as the number of people living in this earth.

But now, there is a new path towards that direction.

Here comes Magnetic Sponsoring!

Mike Dillard Magnetic SponsoringIf you are a network marketer or involved in network marketing, chances are, you have heard of or come across the name Mike Dillard.

Mike Dillard as one of the network marketing distributors, enhanced the process. He was the one who advanced the principle of Magnetic Sponsoring.

Magnetic Sponsoring runs counter the traditional marketing strategy that became obsolete and outdated due in part in the advancement of technology that has dramatically changed the way people communicate and interact with each other.

One of the salient points of Magnetic Sponsoring is teaching the network marketers the art of re-branding themselves as leaders instead of the traditional network marketers. By honing and projecting their leadership traits, prospects and leads will be attracted to them thereby making them the hunted instead of being the hunter.

So, does Magnetic Sponsoring really work?

Let me qualify my answer here because it is not really simple as yes or no.

Magnetic Sponsoring is a mere tool, a vehicle that will, somehow, make the journey to your financial destination a lot easier.

Magnetic Sponsoring will teach you the methods of reinventing yourself as the expert in your chosen line of products or services. It will reorient your thinking to have a positive mindset. You will polish your own self-image and don a contagiously optimistic attitude. Ultimately, it will be you who will be the attractor factor in expanding your business and not so much the products or services you are promoting.

If this is your expectation of what Magnetic Sponsoring is all about, then, yes, it does work for your advantage.

But, bear this in mind:

If you think that Magnetic Sponsoring is some kind of magic wand that can give you overnight success by creating network marketing business out of thin air, then this program is not for you. You will eventually have to stand up on your feet and do what the program instructs you to do.

The most significant difference it has with the traditional marketing is that the Magnetic Sponsoring will instruct you to work more on yourself rather than the products or services you provide.

So, what’s the big hype about Magnetic Sponsoring?

Because it is proven to produce more positive results with less effort, less stress and more with the good and happy feeling.

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