3 Secrets To Increase Your Email List Open Rates

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3 Secrets To Increase Your Email List Open Rates
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email list blastIf you have invested time and money into building your email list, you want to learn the manual of how to operate it. To get it best, I would recommend to put yourself in your customer’s shoes first before wearing your business one.

We need to accept the fact that most business contacts receive an average of 75 – 100 emails every single day. Big part of your recipients will open your emails on the same day they receive it, but not all of them will. Since social networks have grown so quickly, people visit their inboxes less frequently. The so called “open tail” has grown from 3 days to 5 days. This metric measures the number of days it takes on average between sending an email and opening it.

I have been asking myself this question: “How is it possible that some people get 40% + open rate from their list and some people get only around 10% if they are lucky.”

Obviously there would be different factors playing their parts like:

  • How interesting and engaging is your heading? and how well you have treated your database so far.
  • Have you been selling all the time or sharing real value?

So here immediately I would like to share some free strategies that you can apply:

4 Tips How to Increase Your Open Rate From Your Email List

  1. Build a list of highly targeted people who are genuinely looking and are hungry for solution
  2. Build trust over time by giving value: e.g. give 2-3 links weekly to highly valuable information or softwares that will help them to solve their problems. So over time, they will naturally be expecting valuable information from you.
  3. While writing an email, make it personal, use the first name salutation. That will help you improve the personal connection you have with your list.
  4. Study best timing for sending email blast to your list

email list

Blasting to your email list is all the about timing

However, there is one more very important factor that need to be taken into account, it is called Timing. As in life: you can get it right and score a lot of points or you can get it wrong and miss the boat most of the time. How good have you been so far?

There is a scientifically proven and tested most appropriate time for blasting your email list. It is a little bit like paying a visit to someone. According to Dan Zarellla, in email blasting you will have 7 time zones.

  • The Dead Zone
  • Do not Disturb Time
  • The Lunchtime News
  • In the Zone
  • Life Changing Afternoon
  • Working Late
  • Last Orders

3 Strategies for the Best timings

1) Best Time of The Day – Early morning between 6 and 9 am is considered to be the best
2) Best day of the Week – Friday, Saturday and Sunday are considered the best days of the week
3) Best Frequency – blast your email list between 1 to 4 times to get the best results.

Data courtesy of Dan Zarrella

Hope these tips help you with your email marketing. If you are looking for an email marketing tool to get you high delivery and analyse the statistics, click here to read Unleash the Power of Email Marketing Through AWeber.

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