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Why Is Youtube Marketing So Powerful?
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Youtube-marketingAre you already using Youtube marketing to grow your business?
Did you know that now officially more than half of the internet traffic is videos and by 2015 it is expected that the number will go up to 90%?
When you get to think about it, it is even scary to ignore it.

Today, while having our late lunch we watched another great training on Youtube marketing as a follow up from the last 90 min training in Ten Ten Formula. It is always great to confirm that some of the strategies that we are using are good and also to make some new distinctions.

Pause for a second and think of your last 3 purchases online. Why did you do it? You either bought it from a reputable place with credibility like Amazon. Or you might have bought a course or a training from a “guru”, leader that you like, know and trust and have followed for a while.

Video marketing is clearly one of the most powerful, however, strongly under-utilised strategies.

Youtube Marketing is a Powerful Tool

There are several powerful benefits of using videos to market yourself, which includes:

  1. Build relationship – video is virtually the closest to sitting next to the person physically, people will get to know that you are a real person.
  2. Build credibility and authority
  3. Know, like and trust
  4. Powerful SEO – it is easier to rank a video on Google or Youtube than a blog
  5. Time saver – to write a post you might need to spend 1-2h depending on how good you are, but to cut a video, you can do it in 3-5 min.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing Formula – 3 steps

1) Keyword research – find specific keyword – e.g. youtube marketing

  • https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool/
  • https://adwords.google.com/

2) Optimise your video

  • name your video file with the keyword
  • put your keyword in the title
  • put your keyword in the description
  • keyword in tags. If it’s a keyword phrase, put it in quotes like “youtube marketing”

3) Backlinks to your video URL to increase ranking

Youtube Marketing – What To Make a Video about?

    • Product Reviews – if there is a new product coming to the market, just do some research and cut a video about it. If it is a physical product, you can even show it on your Youtube video and talk about it’s features.
    • Company Reviews – especially in the network marketing industry, reviews drive loads of traffic, the reason for this is that many people before they join a new company, they search for reviews. So capitalise on it.
    • “How to Videos” – Youtube became a place where loads of people search for answers – it is better to watch a video than to read an instruction or manual.In my business whenever I have a new member and they would come to me with questions, I would quickly introduce them to my best friend who have all the answers and is always very patient and willing to show exactly how to do it: Youtube :). I always get a bit of giggles but it saves loads of time and makes my team very resourceful.

youtube marketing

  • “Breakthrough Moments” – success in your business will consist of some stepping stones that you will remember for a long time and they would normally be stories or knowledge that you like to share. Those are breakthrough moments, each of us has some. Next time when you have experienced it, just point a camera on yourself and record it. Ideally the same day as the excitement and emotions will be very visible.
  • Blog Posts – it is always great to make a video about the post that you write about. You will benefit in several ways. First, it will strongly help with your SEO. Second is that some people are just too lazy to read, they prefer to watch, and some of them will do both watch and read, and third, through video you will develop much stronger relationship.


Youtube marketing is something I’m diving into strongly and will continue to do so, so stay tuned, there will be follow ups and I will share some very specific strategies as well as results. By the way, click on the link and subscribe to our Youtube channel to be first to receive updates and latest training and strategies.

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Here’s To Your Success

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Why Is Youtube Marketing So Powerful?

  • Hi Marcin,

    Using youtube helps you establish trust quite quickly. Smart breakdown here.

    People see you are real. A living, breathing person. Not just some internet persona, or a profile behind a computer.

    Teach people how to prosper in your niche.

    Inspire. Educate. Inform.

    Position yourself as an authority.

    Make a more intimate connection with your audience.

    Expand your presence and build your brand.



    • Marcin Marczak

      thanks Ryan, great add on, I love your contribution, youtube marketing is a very powerful strategy so often overlooked by many marketers

  • Marcin is all about video marketing, youtube is great, i bet you should try talk fusion with its cutting edge video products, you will love it